Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A shopping trip, a baptism, a snow storm and some decorating

It was a busy weekend around here.

On Friday, Bob and I did some much needed errands and shopping trip. All total I think we went to post office, the recycling center, Kohl's, a garden center, Target, Lowe's, Stew Leonard's, the mall, an art supply store, the pet store and Stop n Shop. And I don't think we bought any gifts other than for the dog and I bought each other. The trip to the post office was actually to mail out the last package for Christmas gifts for family and friends. We are going to a wedding the Monday after Christmas so a large portion of the shopping was getting clothes for the wedding - I only have spring/summer dresses and Bob needed a new dress shirt. By the time we got back to the house at 6pm we were so tired that our plans to go out for dinner were axed and we ordered Chinese takeout instead.

Saturday I had confirmation in the morning but the highlight of the day was doing a baptism at the home of one of the elderly members of the congregation. Her great-grandson was baptized amid a small gathering of family. It was such a delight to have an informal worship service with a family.

Throughout the day the snow threatened, and the weathermen talked about the snowpocalypse that was coming, and my friends in the DC area were giving regular updates via facebook. But other than a few flurries the snow did not come until around 9, and then boy did it come. By the time we went to bed there was probably close to 2 inches on the ground. And by 6:30 when I awoke there was at least 7 but it was hard to tell exact measurements since it was all powder. Worship was canceled, and Bob and I shoveled. Some areas were practically bare but yet the steps were covered. I even stepped in a snow drift that came up to my mid-thigh.

And Monday a lot of things happened in order to make up for what didn't happen on Sunday. After worship there was suppose to be a time to decorate the sanctuary and the choirs were suppose to practice. So instead we decorated yesterday (the sanctuary is so pretty and slightly different than previous years) and the choirs rehearse last night. So hopefully we are all set for Christmas Eve.

But for now I will enjoy this calm both post and pre craziness.

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