Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Surprises

So what do you do when it is Lessons and Carols Sunday (i.e. a whole lot of music is going to be played) and your organist calls out sick with the stomach flu?

1. You give thanks that it is Lessons and Carols Sunday and therefore the hymns are familiar

2. You quickly download as many of those said hymns as possible

3. You change any hymns that are not all that familiar to familiar ones

4. You bring your laptop and computer speakers to the church and hook them up

5. You explain the situation and be grateful that between us being a casual congregation and it being the Sunday after Christmas we are even more low key and go with the flow than normal

6. You laugh throughout the service at the absurdity of it all

7. You feel the Spirit move through you as you worship in a new way.


  1. That is really really clever!!! Glad to hear that everyone went with it! :)

  2. you forgot to add: you thank the organist for not giving you nor the whole congregation said stomach flu...

  3. You give thanks to God for modern technology. But, this is what makes life interesting. It's a story you'll be able to share for years.